Islamic Education

At Jamea Al Kauthar, we provide our students with both Islamic and secular education.

The Islamic Theology course is condensed into 5/6 years (subject to student’s proficiency in Urdu and basic general Islamic knowledge). Both Urdu and Arabic languages are studied throughout the first three years due to majority of Islamic literature being written in these languages.

The final two years consist of an intense study of the Prophet’s (PBUH) traditions, along with the study of Islamic Jurisprudence and Tafseer (commentary of the Qur’an)

Alhamdulillah, over the past twenty years, 473 students have graduated as Aalimas (Islamic scholars).

Year Course Period(approx) Course Details *
Learners (Eadadiya) 1 Yr Beginner’s Urdu and Arabic with explanations in English. Introduction to Islamic jurisprudence, brief study of Islamic History and the biography of the Prophet (pbuh).
1st Year (Oula) 1 Yr Arabic Grammar studied at higher level. Introduction to classical Arabic and its grammar. Majority of lessons given in Urdu and English as necessary.
2nd Year (Thaniyah) 1 Yr Introduction to the study of Ahaadith. Further study of Arabic grammar. Further study of reading and understanding Arabic at a higher level. Introduction to the study of Jurisprudence in the Arabic language.
3rd Year (Thalithah) 1 Yr Study of the Quran with commentary. Study of Jurisprudence and of the four Madhabs. Study and commentary of Ahaadith.
4th Year (Mishkaat) 1 Yr Intense study of Islamic jurisprudence in all four Madhabs (Al Hidayah). Further study of the Qur’an with commentary (Jalalain). Further study of Ahadith with commentary and brief discussion of the four Madhabs. Level of study is now equivalent to BA in Islamic Studies.
5th Year (Bukhari) 1 Yr Specialisation in Hadith Studies (six famous authentic ahaadith books). Level of study is now equivalent to MA in Islamic Studies. 

* A list of the books studied is available on request

Special two-year Islamic Studies course for post-16s (Sanatayn)

We also offer an abridged two-year version of the six-year Islamic Theology Course. This includes: Tajweed, Qur’anic commentary,  Ahaadith, everyday Masaa’il,  Aqaa’id and basic Arabic. This course is delivered in the English medium and can be taken in conjunction with A Level courses.