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Jamea Al Kauthar

Message from the Principal, Sheikhul Hadith Hazrat Maulana Fazle Haq Wadee Sahib

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

Welcome to Jamea Al Kauthar Islamic College, a boarding school in the UK for girls. Established in 1996, we are dedicated to welcoming students into an academic atmosphere that is spiritually enriching and physically nurturing. We cater for girls from ages 11 and above, providing an Islamic education as well as high school and sixth form subjects. At our school, we aspire to cultivate morality and inspire our girls to graduate as able, confident British Muslim citizens and outstanding role models for their communities. To this end, the graduates of our college not only perform well in the school, they also transfer high standards of moral and ethical values, principles and standards to their chosen paths within their own communities.

The school places great emphasis on providing an excellent Islamic environment that is conducive to acquiring a good education whilst catering for a culturally and ethnically diverse student population. Students are challenged to pursue excellence in a family-like environment, and their welfare and progression is our highest priority. An extensive pastoral care system ensures that our girls are treated as important individuals. We are constantly working hard to improve our facilities to deliver a good education and a memorable student experience.

Jamea Al Kauthar is located in the heart of Lancaster in the UK, and consists of a Victorian four storey, grade II listed building (formerly The Royal Albert). The main building forms the central accommodation at the boarding school with separate wings designated for separate boarding houses. The madrasah and school are situated in two separate buildings, and all three buildings are surrounded by 20.5 acres of beautiful natural grounds giving a serene setting to relax and enhance the mind and body.

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