Darul Uloom Preston

Darul Uloom Preston is an independent boarding school, providing boarding for boys over the age of 11. It provides secular and Islamic education with boarding facilities. For further details, please visit www.darululoompreston.com.

The land and building have been divided into one thousand plots of £1000 each. Anybody contributing to this important venture will be getting sadaqa-e-jariyah (everlasting reward).

Currently, 172 plots have been fully received, and 52 plots are pledged (not yet fully received). 

Plot numbers 438 to number 772 will be for the Masjid (10 plots in a row, 140 plots in total. They are shaded in green on the chart). One saff (row) will cost £10,000.

One Hifz Classroom is 12 plots. It will cost £12,000. You will get the reward for anyone who becomes Hafiz. You can also donate one plot.

You could help by:

  • Sponsoring one plot.
  • Twenty people could join together to sponsor one plot, equalling to £50 per person.
  • Many people could join together to sponsor a plot.