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How to obtain the goodness of Ramadhan

A perfect guide for the blessed month

Written by: A Graduate of Jamea Al Kauthar

Nabi (salallahu alaihi wasalam) mentioned:

“And it (Ramadhan) is such a month, the first ten days are the days of mercy, the middle ten days are the days of forgiveness and the last ten days are the days in which many are emancipated from the fire of Jahannam.” (Mishkat)

A month of mercy, forgiveness and emancipation from @#!*{1f50a42d0ee4c800c89e941d839a0867189b80926b7804f9b541a0269dd16c7e} – a month of reward, recompense and acceptance. Ramadhan truly is the master of all months, a prize giving for the Believers.

This short compilation on the blessed month of Ramadhan helps relight a spark of hope for the hopeless, a flame of encouragement and solace for the hopeful and a blaze of zeal and passion for the true lovers of Allah!

Starting with preparation tips for the arrival of the blessed month, this book takes its readers on a thirsty quest for reward- providing clear guidelines of how to gain close proximity to Allah (Aza wajal). Included is a proposed timetable for the blessed month and a chart to help readers keep track of their deeds and actions. The book also comprises important day to day masaail, and answers to questions which frequently arise during the holy month.

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How to obtain the goodness of the Year

A detailed insight into the Islamic months

Written by: A Graduate of Jamea Al Kauthar

If it’s not the virtues of Muharram, or the blessings of 15th Shabaan, then it’s the unique month of Ramadhan, the auspicious night of Laylatul Qadr, the happiness of Eid, the six fasts of Shawwal, followed by the 10 most virtues days of Zul Hijjah!

These occasions of the year are actually a bounty from Allah, a blessing to help the neglectful wake up to reality, and the righteous reap more reward. No matter how much we give ourselves to the love of the world and forget our final abode, Allah wants to remind us that there’s always a chance to make up for the loss of the past. There’s always an opportunity to reap reward….

This short book offers an insight into the virtues of the Islamic months. Ideal to be read out to a gathering in the appropriate month or merely for personal reading. This compilation is a perfect handbook that will prove most beneficial throughout every phase of the Islamic year, Insha Allah.

Our Price: £2.00