Ramadhan in Jamea

Ramadhan is a beautiful time for a believer. It is the month in which the connection with Allah strengthens through the believers’ increase in worship, sacrifices, and generosity of spirit. In Jamea, Ramadhan is all the more beautiful. The daily routine, the sense of unity, and the constant focus on ensuring that each moment is fully utilised builds a wonderful atmosphere, and there is a real sense of camaraderie amongst staff and students.

The fasts during the summer Ramadhan periods are, as you are aware, quite long. In order to ensure that our students are benefiting from a nutritious and healthy suhoor and iftar everyday, our menu reflects the food students need after fasting for the majority of the day. We would like to extend the opportunity for you to be a part of our Ramadhan in Jamea. By sponsoring a part of the menu, you will be building your own akhirah, ensuring that your contribution provides you with the reward of sadaqah jariyah (continuous charity).

The poster below shows the amounts which the Jamea will be spending daily, with the will of Allah, to provide these foods, along with details on how to contribute to the costs this Ramadhan. All donations are welcome.

Please remember Jamea in your duas, especially during the blessed month. May Allah accept all our efforts.


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