Bringing one Sunnah to life is a beautiful thing. However, on Saturday the 25th October, the staff and students at Jamea al Kauthar did not only that, but also brought to life the biographies of the most prominent companions of the Messenger (PBUH). The day commemorated the practice of consuming ‘aswadayn’ (dates and water), in imitation of the Messenger (PBUH) who would consume those very things when he had no other food in the house.

All praise to Allah, the entire day was a huge success. The corridors were transformed into homes of the four Caliphs, and Hazrat A’isha (RA). The final-year Alimiyyah and Sanatayn students worked tirelessly to produce extremely convincing and authentic-looking props, and additionally decorated the corridors with beautiful overhead drapes, posters and scrolls containing relevant information. They imparted the main biographical information of their chosen Companions, and provided several anecdotes from their lives, allowing their listeners to be momentarily transported back across time to a different era.

The day’s schedule allowed the workshops to be accompanied by intermittent distribution of dates and water to the students. The Jamea students, joined by the students of Abrar Academy, were free to select different workshops at different points of the day, and they milled around in the corridor during intervals allocated for breaks, looking at the props and listening to a selection of nasheeds playing across the entire building and adding to the incredible atmosphere. 

In the evening, staff and students attended the weekly Saturday Nadia (assembly), albeit with a much greater focus on the love which the Sahaba had for the Messenger (PBUH). The themes of the speeches, nasheeds and PowerPoint presentation were centred on the Messenger (PBUH), the Sahaba and the acquisition of love for them. The positive qualities which made the era of the Messenger (PBUH) unique in every way were discussed at length, and students were left with practical advice on how to implement those very qualities within themselves in order to contribute to their personal development as valuable members of their communities at home.

Both staff and student feedback was filled with glowing reports about the events of the day, the atmosphere and the practical action points they were able to take away in order to develop the love of the Messenger (PBUH) & Sahaba within themselves.

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