It isn’t often that we get the chance to immerse ourselves in a full day of creative learning, to practice one Sunnah consistently, and to simultaneously benefit our health. However, on Saturday 18th November, the staff and students at Jamea Al Kauthar alongside visiting staff and students from Abrar Academy were able to take the opportunity to do all three as the students got their creative hats on and took charge of a full day of learning.

The day, given the name ‘Aswadayn’, commemorated the Sunnah practice of consuming ‘aswadayn’ (dates and water), in imitation of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who would consume those very things when he had no other food in the house. Staff and students were given the option to limit their dietary intake to these two items for the day, allowing them to not only experience what the Prophet (PBUH) and his family and companions experienced, but also to feel a sense of empathy with those people around the globe who do not have sufficient food to consume. The benefits of consuming dates and water when regulated properly are extensive, including the improvement of the intestinal functions, the strengthening of bones, and the resultant healthy weight gain.

In addition to practicing this Sunnah act for the day, students from both institutes, Jamea and Abrar, carried out extensive research on outstanding qualities of the companions of the Prophet (PBUH), as well as Muslim scholars renowned for their efforts in the education of Muslims. They used their research to prepare creative props and a variety of engaging presentations. Entire corridors and halls were brought to life with wonderfully crafted props, and were complemented with engaging and informative presentations. A number of activities also took place, including mini role-plays, quizzes, and even a game of charades. The activities were completed with the delivery of a student-led assembly focusing on the Prophet (PBUH), and was attended by both the Jamea and Abrar staff and students.

Feedback from all involved, whether organisers, presenters, or attendees, was very positive. Staff and students alike were overwhelmed with the efforts of the presenters in both the research carried out and the presentations delivered.

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