Sadaqa Jariya

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Sadaqa Jariya – Continuous Charity

Sadaqa Jariya is the best form of voluntary charity. It is the charity which lives on even after a person passes away, ensuring that he/she continuously receives reward from the investment made. This is arguably the easiest way to please Allah and receive His blessings.A person can start Sadaqa Jariya without even realizing. For example, teaching someone a basic sunnah which the person then passes on, in such a manner that it ends up being passed on for generations is all an accumulation of immense and ongoing reward.

When it comes to giving money, it can be difficult to donate large sums because our daily needs require financing, and a large sum feels almost impossible to part from. However, setting up a direct debit scheme of even a £1 a week can ensure that a person is not feeling an absence of the money at all.

Furthermore, the Sadaqa Jariya which you earn can be multiplied by informing others. Jamea is a place of knowledge, and a place of education. It is alive with people teaching and learning at every moment, and the money which helps sustain such a place is money well-invested both for the future of the ummah in this world, and for the future of the hereafter for which we are all preparing.

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