Proposed New Masjid for everyday use

17 years after the opening of Jamea al Kauthar, we feel the small room which is used by the senior teachers of hadith and the male staff is becoming very congested. Especially during events which are held for parents such as parents days, interview and induction days, Open days, ‘4th weekend and visiting weekends’ (when parents come to collect / visit their daughters) etc.

This area is insufficient and men pray in crowded conditions which sees an overflow of people joing the congregation that flows into the entrance foyer, and on some occasions we have to make several jamats (congregational prayer) due to the large numbers.

Due to these difficulties and inconvenience to visitors, we are proposing to provide a new ‘Masjid’ facility for men in the basement area covering an area of approx. 120 square metres to accommodate up to 150 men praying, or a gathering of up to 400 men can be addressed in one sitting.

Below is a brief description of the proposed new facility.



Wood & Mechanical Storerooms


Musalla carpets – inc floor prep, underlay and fitting £70 per musallaTotal 240 required.

Total cost of project = £60,000

Additional costs as follows:

  • Sound system – £1200
  • Wall boards – approx £6000