First phase of refurbishment program

The holy ‘Qur’an’ says a lot about the significance of Charity, and how regular Charity can give you the blessings of Allah for the giver and his/her family.

At Jamea Al Kauthar, we are dedicated towards ensuring the best girls’ education in our school; for that we need support from our Muslim brothers and sisters so we can continue with our refurbishment programs.

For Islamic donation for girls’ education, or for Charity for school development work, donate online or pay by post.

The first phase of the refurbishment program is well under way. The following projects have been completed recently:


  • Painting of approximately 50 dormitory rooms – £35’000
  • Carpeting of approximately 50 dormitory rooms – £50’000
  • Installation of sockets near each bed – £20’000 (on-going – one wing completed, 3 remaining)
  • Construction of blocks of  washrooms and wudhu khana facilities – £20’000 each x 10 = £200’000 (4 completed)
  • Renew door hinges and door closers (to meet fire regulations) – £10’000

School and Madrassah

  • External repair and painting of school building – £5’500
  • Creating new class rooms in school building – £5’000
  • Creating additional class rooms in madrassah building – £10’000
  • New ICT suite (required by Ofsted)- £10’000
  • New Science Lab (required by Ofsted) – £10’000
  • Bukhaari class carpet – £2’000
  • Library carpet – £2’000

Other work

  • CCTV cameras update (required by social services) – £13’750
  • Extra  washroom/wudhu khana/toilets facilities for men in basement – £15’000
  • Ovens and related works (required by healthy living standards) – £25’000
  • Refurbishment of phone corridor – £10’000

Phase 1 has been extended now to include:

  • painting and decoration of all corridors £15,000
  • refurbishment of main kitchen £5,000
  • renewing flooring in corridors £10,000
  • painting of ladies namaz hall £1,000
  • construction of an exclusive bathroom for students requiring medical attention

Please see other developments to view other projects which have also been completed recently.