Jamea Al Kauthar
c/o (Hazrat Maulana) Fazlehaq Wadee
Ashton Road, Lancaster LA1 5AJ

You can contribute towards Jamea using any of the methods outlined below. Please make all cheques payable to Jamea Al Kauthar

Please print out and return this form with your cheque / postal order to the above address

Telephone Number
1. Please accept my donation:
£25 £50 £100 £250 £500 Other (please specify)
2. I wish to sponsor:
One bed in a room £250
Two beds in a room £500
One room £1,000
3. I wish to donate towards the construction of:
A seat in the dining hall £425
A seat in the wudhu khana £272
A toilet chamber £556
A wash facility £300
Please remember you will gain thawab every time one of these facilities is used.