Sadaqa Jariya

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Sadaqa Jariya – Continuous Charity

Sadaqa Jariya is the best form of voluntary charity. This is arguably the easiest way to please Allah and receive His blessings.

What you can possibly do in Sadaqa Jariya:

You can:

• Teach a skill to a person so that he can make a living for all his life

• Help building a school or mosque

• Plant a tree so that coming generations can benefit from it

1. Income tax from wages
Do you know that the average working person pays £125 per month in tax. This amount it debited directly from the person’s monthly salary.

The person not even sense or feel that this amount has been taken out.

2. An alternative perspective
Do you know that an average family spends £10 a week i.e. £40 per month on crisps and chocolates.

3. What do we get in return?
We should remember that all this spending does not reap any reward for us. The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) was once invited for a meal with his companions. Many of them were poor Muhajireen (emigrants). After finishing the meal, he asked “Did anything remain?” The host replied “A shoulder (of the sheep) has remained.” The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) then said “Everything remained except this shoulder.” The meaning of the Hadith is that anything we spend in the path of Allah will remain forever

4. Would you want to keep something forever in Jannah?
Allah likes regularity and continuity in all our Aamal. Donate £1 per week to Jamea Al Kauthar, the Darul Uloom for girls in Lancaster (UK) from which Aalima and Hafiza will graduate, Insha Allah. Please complete the order form and send to us.

5. What is £4 per month compared with £125 tax payments or £40 per month for crisps or chocolates?
You will not even feel that £1 per week is coming out of your account the day your wages reaches it. Especially in comparison with a tax bill of £125.

£125 or £129 will not make much difference but we will feel the difference when our eyes will close and our Aamal will be presented to us.

6. A beautiful palace in Jannah
You may also decide to donate £2 per week, or £4 per week. Allah knows that it is difficult to give a big amount at once, but why not build a beautiful palace in Jannah slowly slowly. This palace will be made of pearls and rubies and it will be built as we go along with our worldy affairs and our life ebbs away towards this everlasting place.

7. Ladies
Ladies are also requested to contribute on their own as everybody needs to create his/her own place in Jannah.

8. Do you want to help more?
Tell a friend and let them know about our Darul Uloom website. You’ll get the reward (again, Sadaqa Jariya) if they also donate.

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